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Following recent site inspections, it has been noted that there are several bikes stored in the car park and the bike store that appear to have been left by previous residents of Liberty Place. To allow current residents to make full use of the bike storage available, we are proposing a clear out of all bikes that have been left by former residents.

We will be placing a brown tag on all bicycles that are stored on site. Can we ask all residents who have bicycles on site ensure the tag is removed by Friday 19th May 2017 as any bike that still has a tag will be removed on this date.

We will issue a reminder letter two weeks before the removal date, so as to ensure everyone has ample opportunity to remove the tag. If you are unable to remove the tag within this timeframe, please let a member of the concierge team know and they can complete this on your behalf.

On completion of the project we will be donating those bicycles that have been removed to a local charity, and welcome suggestions from residents.IMG_1918

If you have any queries or are unable to remove your tag by this date, please contact our Regional Customer Support Team on 0121 630 2330, who are available between the hours of 8.00 am and 7.00 pm Monday to Friday.

Alternatively, you can contact our Regional Customer Support Team via email using

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