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With the support of LPMC, IPM undertook a new innovative white label approach to management, by creating a brand with the main premise to build a vibrant and thriving community that specifically encapsulates the relaxed, high-end living environment at Liberty Place.

This consisted of a complete reinvention of processes, procedures and collateral. IPM has thoroughly thought out each stage of the customer experience, from the manner in which we answer calls, to our highly skilled onsite team, every task is carried out under the umbrella of Liberty Place.

We understand that for all of our customers, their home is invariably their biggest financial and emotional investment. The appearance and presentation of a scheme is generally the first impression of a Managing Agent and is essentially where the customer’s perception starts. By aligning the values of IPM and LPMC, we are creating a joined up and consistent approach to management. This will develop a brand where all involved work together towards one common goal – creating a high-end living environment that sets the benchmark for premier apartment living!

“The Management Agent for Liberty Place is Integrated Property Management (IPM), a division of Mainstay residential’. IPM was appointed by Liberty Place Management Company (LPMC) on behalf of the Leaseholders in April 2016 after an intensive tendering process.”