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FAQs and Useful Information 2017-05-18T20:20:07+00:00
Helpful guidance on Fire Safety 2021-01-05T14:25:23+00:00

Guidance on how you can be more fire safety aware can be found in this link below

RICS- A clear, impartial guide on Fire Safety- version 3

Who are the RMC Directors of LPMC? 2021-01-05T14:02:53+00:00

The board of Liberty Place Management Company is made up of Leaseholders who kindly give up their time on a purely voluntary and unpaid basis. They ensure that the Managing Agents appointed to perform the day-to-day management and running of the complex have a point of management contact and are held accountable for the money spent.

LPMC Directors:

Martin Holland

Hazel Bland

Ross Cooke

What is Liberty Place Management Company? 2017-10-24T10:59:04+00:00

Liberty Place Management Company is a resident management company. Similar to a residents’ association, Liberty Place Management Company was set up to ensure that the owners of the apartments are represented. We are dedicated to maintaining the high standards that make Liberty Place an attractive investment, as well as a nice place to live.

The board of Liberty Place Management Company is made up of Leaseholders who kindly give up their time on a purely voluntary and unpaid basis. They ensure that the Managing Agents appointed to perform the day-to-day management and running of the complex have a point of management contact and are held accountable for the money spent.

LPMC Directors:

Martin Holland

David Barrington

Philip Jackson

Sheena Kotecha

Karun Dewan

Hazel Bland

David McGarry

Ross Cooke

Who Manages Liberty Place? 2016-06-01T10:08:10+00:00

The Management Agent for Liberty Place is Integrated Property Management (IPM). IPM were appointed by LPMC on behalf of the Leaseholders in April 2016 after an intensive tendering process. The Management Agent is responsible for all the management and maintenance of the site. They manage contracts such as the gardeners, cleaners, lift maintenance etc. and ensure that the complex is maintained effectively.

Who Owns Liberty Place Management Company? 2016-06-01T09:53:17+00:00

When you purchase an apartment at Liberty Place you receive a share certificate. Each leaseholder holds one share in LPMC. Leaseholders receive one share per apartment owned, so for landlords with more than one apartment, they would have more than one share. In short, the owners of LPMC are the leaseholders themselves.

Who Can Become a Board Member of LPMC? 2016-12-15T17:33:12+00:00

Any leaseholder can become a board member. Please contact your property manager Thomas Tracy for further information.

Who Sets the Service Charge? 2016-06-01T09:57:26+00:00

The service charge is calculated based on the agreed budget for the next financial year. The Managing Agent (IPM) produce a budget plan based on known and planned expenditure. This is presented to the board of LPMC for assessment and sign off.


The Development – Number of Apartments, Location etc. 2017-05-18T20:20:11+00:00

There are 244 apartments on the development spread over 12 blocks.

Apartment Numbers Apartment Block
1-28 B
29-77 C
78-115 D
116-146 E
147-186 F
187-192 H
193-199 J
200-207 K
208-213 L
214-219 M
200-230 A
231-244 G

Postal codes are

1-80 B16 8JB
81-160 B16 8JT
161-244 B16 8JZ
House Rules 2016-06-14T15:05:52+00:00

All the residents at Liberty Place are required to abide by the following rules which have been taken directly from the leases.

When the apartment was purchased the owner would have been required to sign the lease as part of the sale process and this was an agreement that the rules would be followed. If you rent your apartment you are also required to follow these rules as the landlord will have agreed on your behalf and the tenancy agreement will also include these clauses.

Please download a copy of our ‘House Rules’ here.

I Live At Liberty Place, But I’m a Tenant – Do I Have a Say in What Goes On? 2016-06-01T10:00:21+00:00

Absolutely. We want to ensure that Liberty Place is a nice place to live and represents the needs of all of its residents. This website has been created with exactly this message at the core – build a community for all residents to engage and enjoy!

For further information and site updates, please visit the Liberty Place Portal –https://buildingcommunities.co.uk

I Have a Problem, Who Do I Contact for Help? 2016-06-01T10:01:20+00:00

Please click here to visit the ‘contact us’ page of the website. This includes key information about who to contact in all types of circumstances.

Who Do I Report a Maintenance Issue to? 2016-06-01T10:02:45+00:00

Regular inspections are carried out around the property to identify general maintenance issues. However, if you notice anything that needs to be addressed, please report this to us by emailing buildingcommunities@libertyplace.org.uk, contacting IPM, or reporting to the concierge concierge@libertyplace.org.uk

Lease Covenants for Tenants and Residents 2017-05-18T20:20:11+00:00

The lease contains various covenants and regulations that tenants and residents are obliged to observe and which are enforceable by the landlord and management company.

The landlord and management company may at any time alter regulations or impose other reasonable regulations which are in the interest of good estate management.

For reference the regulations specified in the lease fourth schedule are;

  1. Not at anytime to use or occupy or permit the premises to be used or occupied except as a private residence only.
  2. Not at anytime to use or permit the use of either premises or any part or any other part of the estate thereof for business purposes.
  3. Not to do or permit or suffer in or upon the premises or any part thereof or elsewhere on the estate any sale by auction or any illegal or immoral act or any act or thing which may be or become a nuisance or annoyance or cause damage to the landlord the managers or the owners or the occupiers of any part of the building or of any adjoining or neighbouring premises
  4. Not to do or permit to be done any act or thing which may render void or void able any policy of insurance maintained in respect of the estate or may cause an increased premium to be payable in respect thereof nor to keep or permit to be kept any petrol or other inflammable substances in or about the premises and to repay to the managers all sums paid by way of increased premium and all expenses incurred in or about the renewal of any such policy or policies rendered necessary by a breach of this regulation and the insurance money under any policy or policies of insurance is wholly or partly irrecoverable by reason solely or in part of any act or default of the tenant then and in every such case the tenant will immediately pay the managers the whole or (as appropriate) a fair proportion of the cost of completely rebuilding or reinstating the estate including professional fees and all incidental costs and expenses and interest all such payments to be recoverable as rent in arrear.
  5. Not to throw or permit to be thrown any dirt rubbish rags or other refuse into the sinks baths lavatories cisterns or waste or soil pipes in the premises
  6. Not to play or use or permit the playing or use of any musical instrument television radio loudspeaker or mechanical or other noise making instrument of any kind nor to practise or permit the practising of any singing in the premises or elsewhere on the estate at any time so as to cause any nuisance or annoyance to any of the other owners tenants or occupiers of the building and for the purposes hereof the decision of the managers (or of a surveyor appointed by the managers for the purposes of this paragraph) as to what constitutes a nuisance or annoyance shall be final and binding on the parties.
  7. Not at anytime to put on or in any window or on the exterior of the premises so as to be visible from outside any name writing drawing signboard placard or advertisement of any kind whatever or any unsightly object or anything which in the opinion of the managers is offensive.
  8. Not to hang or expose in or upon any part of the premises or any balcony patio or terrace or light well so as to be visible from the outside any clothes or washing of any description or any other articles nor to place outside the premises any flower box pot or other like object save that the tenant may place flowerpots and tubs and suitable exterior furniture on any balcony or terrace which the tenant may use nor to shake any mats brooms or other articles inside any part of the building (other than the premises) or out of the windows either of the premises or of any part of the building.
  9. Not to keep any bird reptile dog or other animal in the premises without the previous consent in writing of the managers (such consent to be granted or withheld at the reasonable discretion of the managers) and such consent to be revocable by notice in writing at any time on complaint of any nuisance or annoyance being caused to any other owner tenant or occupier in the building and not to permit any dog or other animal of the tenant or under the tenants control to foul any of the roads footpaths or other parts of the estate
  10. Not to carry out upon any part of the estate any repairs to any motor vehicle (except in case of an emergency)
  11. Not to use on the premises any electrical device without an effective suppressor fitted thereto
  12. Not to leave or park or permit to be left or parked so as to cause any obstruction in or on any approach roads parking spaces or passageways adjacent or leading to the building or forming part of the estate any motor car motor cycle bicycle perambulator or other vehicle belonging to or used by the tenant or occupier of the premises or by any of his or their friends servants invitees and to observe all regulations made by the managers from time to time relating to the parking of such vehicles.
  13. Not to park or accommodate any commercial vehicle caravan trailer or motorboat on any partaking space or any other part of the estate
  14. Not to permit or suffer any invitees friends servants or employees of the tenant or their children to play upon any staircase landings or passageways in or about the building.
  15. To cover and keep covered the floor of the premises with carpet or other suitable sound deadening material
  16. At all times when not in use to keep shut the entrance door to the premises and the building and between the hours if eleven pm and eight am not to make any avoidable noise in any part of the building.
  17. To keep any vehicles parked on the estate over which the tenant has control or authority taxed and in a roadway and in a roadworthy condition.
  18. Not to use or permit the use of the hall staircase and passages in and about the building or of any other common parts otherwise than in accordance with the proper exercise of the Included Rights and to remove forthwith upon being so required by the landlord or the managers any object of obstruction by the tenant or his license in the common parts and to pay to the landlord or the managers on demand the cost incurred by them in removing and if appropriate storing the same which removal and storage is expressly hereby authorised and which shall be entirely at the tenants risk
  19. At least once in every month of the said term to cause to be properly cleaned all internal surfaces of the windows of the premises and at all times to keep such windows properly curtained in a style appropriate to a private residence
  20. Each morning to empty any rubbish of the previous day suitably wrapped into the refuse receptacles or other means of refuse disposal (if any) provided by the landlord or managers in the bin store
  21. Not at anytime to interfere with the external painted or treated surfaces of the premises (including any railings or fencing of any balcony patio or terrace) or of any other part of the building
  22. To pay he cost of making good any damage at any time done by the tenant or any person claiming through the tenant or his or their servants agents licensees or visitors any part of the estate or to the passages landings stairs or entrance halls thereof or to the person or property of the tenant or occupier of any other property in the building by the carrying in or removal of furniture or other goods to or from the premises or otherwise howsoever
  23. To submit any dispute difference or complaint that may arise between the tenant and the tenant or occupier of any other dwelling in the building in respect of the use or occupation of the premises or any other part of the building to the managers before taking any further or other steps or proceedings in relation thereto
  24. Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing to observe and perform all regulations made relating to the common parts
  25. At all times to observe and perform all such variations or modifications of the foregoing regulations and all such further or other regulations as the managers may from time to time in their reasonable discretion think fit to make for the management care and cleanliness of the estate and the comfort and safety and convenience of all occupiers thereof
  26. Not to display or permit the display of any board for the sale or letting of the premises
  27. Not to erect any television radio or other aerials satellite dishes or other means of receiving telecommunications upon the premises whatsoever
  28. Forthwith after loosing any security tags passes keys swipe cards or means of gaining access to any part of the estate to report such loss to the managers

All covenants in the lease must be adhered to at all times by the owner and/ or their tenant. LPMC will take the necessary action to enforce these covenants and breaches of these will be taken seriously.

Fourth Schedule 2016-06-01T10:12:03+00:00

Not at anytime to use or permit the use of either the premises or any part or any other part of the estate thereof for business purposes.

Not to park or accommodate any commercial vehicle, caravan trailer or motorboat on any parking space or any other part of the estate.

We would respectfully point out that failure to adhere May will result in further action being taken to enforce the lease.

There is a Parking Charge Notice (PCN) scheme in operation at Liberty Place, should you return home to find an unknown vehicle in your car parking space, please report this to the concierge who will, if required, issue a PCN to the vehicle.

Tenants Further Covenants 2017-05-18T20:20:12+00:00

The Tenant HEREBY COVENANTS with the Landlord and the Manages as a separate covenant with and for the benefit of the Owners that throughout the term of the Tenant will not assign further transfer or under let or part with or share possession of the whole of the premises except that at the same time to an assignee or under lessee of an apartment (not an external person).

Service Charge 2016-06-01T10:15:26+00:00

Service charge is collected quarterly on the 1st of October, January, April and July each year. Invoices are issued by IPM and are payable on demand. They can be paid by quarterly standing order, in advance, or on receipt of the invoice to;

Account Name: Liberty Place (Sheepcote Street) Management Company Ltd
Account No: 59064013
Sort Code: 01-09-31

Please use the reference that is on your demand, starting LPL followed by three numbers and four letters to enable this to be linked to you account.

If you choose to pay by cheque please make this payable to Liberty Place (Sheepcote Street) Management Company Ltd and send to IPM’s offices. Please write the property address on the reverse of the cheque.

The service charge covers the following;

  • Lift repairs and maintenance contract
  • Cleaning to communal internal areas
  • Grounds and Landscape Maintenance
  • Window cleaning
  • Communal lighting and electricity
  • Fire systems maintenance
  • Repairs and maintenance both internally and externally to the communal areas
  • Access Control Maintenance
  • CCTV Maintenance
  • 24 hour concierge/security service
  • Handyman
  • Buildings Insurance
  • Managing Agent fees
  • Reserve fund contribution for future project works.

Service charge is collected in advance and is based upon a calculated budget produced at the beginning of the year, using forecasted expenditure based on actual expenditure. Accounts are then produced after the year end (30th September) to show actual expenditure and distributed to all leaseholders.

Condensation and Damp 2017-05-18T20:20:12+00:00

Typically condensation forms on the coldest surfaces. These types of problems are caused by several variables, some of which inhabitants can control:

  1. Taking showers or baths without ventilating to remove the moisture laden air
  2. Similarly with cooking- especially with open saucepans boiling vegetables etc. (That is why extractor fans are fitted over the hob which ventilate externally)
  3. Plants in the property produce water
  4. People in the property produce water in the air
  5. Not opening vents and windows
  6. Ventilation fans not being used or inoperable
  7. The drying of washing in the property, that is, over clothes maidens etc. Tumble dryers which use external venting are preferable.
  8. Drying of condensation which forms- mopping it up on windows helps alleviate the problem.

Heating control: this is probably the single most common reason for severe condensation. The heating comes on in the morning, showers are taken and breakfast is cooked. All of the moisture is soaked up by the warm air. The heating goes off whilst people are out or at work. The air cools and can no longer carry the moisture, so the water has to go somewhere (externally we see this as fog). Internally the water condenses on the coldest surface first the windows, external walls, ceilings adjoining external walls. People return home and the heating goes on again, the warm air starts to dry out the condensation, but cooking and bathing begins again so further moisture forms and the warm air just can’t cope, so condensation forms on the coldest surfaces again. In cold weather, if this scenario continues the condensation will form on clothes, furniture and internal walls, whereas in summer time the problem disappears.

So, how is the problem solved?

  1. Ventilate when showering, bathing and cooking. Keeping the bathroom door shut and letting the ventilation fan do its job will help
  2. Keep the property at a constant temperature
  3. If the above prove impossible, then using a dehumidifier in the winter months will help. It’s amazing how much moisture they remove from the air.

It sounds wasteful, but a quick remedy to “dry out” the property is to put the heating on full and open all the windows.

Here is an interesting article that explains damp issues:-http://www.landlordzone.co.uk/pdf/Mould.pdf

Parking 2016-05-23T15:09:44+00:00

Car parking spaces are subject to a separate car parking lease and the covenants stated must not be breached.

Lifts 2017-05-18T20:20:15+00:00

All apartments are accessible by lift from all floor levels

Lift car levels are designated:

  • Level 2 for Sheepcote Street, concierge & upper car parking area
  • Level 1 for lower car park area

I’m Moving Out/In and I Need to Use the Lift

The lifts may only be used for removals and deliveries by prior arrangements with the concierge:

  • So as not to inconvenience other residents
  • To use protective cladding for the lift car
  • To have the use of the key to hold the lift car door open.

Residents will be held responsible for any damage caused to the lifts.

NB passengers should not lean against the lift car door or try to prop the door open, as this will affect the operation of the lift.

After a short period of time without movement in and out of the doorway, the lift car doors will automatically try to close. If the door sensors detect either movement, or an obstruction in the doorway the lift car doors will remain open for a further period. After multiple failed attempts to close the doors will eventually lock open and an engineer will need to be called so the lift can be put back into operation.

Lift Emergency Procedures

For emergency purposes the lift cars are fitted with:

  • An alarm push button, which will sound an audible alarm in the lift shaft and initiate a telephone call to an emergency control service centre.
  • Emergency battery back up lighting.

In the event of an emergency, the ‘Alarm’ button on the control panel must be pressed for at least 5 seconds for the lift car telephone link to be automatically connected to the emergency service control centre.

The emergency service operator will then be able to talk to the passenger and provide an indication of how long it may be before an engineer can attend.

If you notice any problems with the lifts, please inform concierge immediately.

Estate and Buildings Insurance 2017-05-18T20:20:16+00:00

This is arranged through IPM and the insurance premium is collected through the service charge. For a copy of the insurance policy, summary and certificate of cover, please visit the Liberty Place portal or contact IPM.

Please note that individuals who wish to claim on the building insurance may need to pay the excess of £250.00. Should you wish to make a claim, please complete the claim form below and email it to enquiries@exclusivepm.co.uk. Please include any photographs you may have of the damage incurred.

Contents insurance cover for personal effects (e.g. clothing, furnishings, carpets, TV equipment and appliances are not covered under the landlord’s policy. Tenants and residents should arrange their own independent insurance cover for their contents.

Selling an Apartment 2016-05-23T15:02:14+00:00

When selling a property, your solicitor will need up to date information about the insurance and service charge etc. You may be able to supply some of this information yourself but, if not, your solicitor will need to apply in writing with their Leasehold Enquires to;

Liberty Place (IPM)

Whittington Hall

Whittington Road


The landlord for Liberty Place is;

Pemberstone Reversion (3) Ltd
Whittington Hall

Subletting the Apartments 2016-05-23T15:01:56+00:00

To conform with the lease IPM must be informed if the property is to be sublet and a copy of the agreement passed to them. Tenant’s details should also be supplied in case of contact being required. Email buildingcommunities@libertyplace.org.uk 

Where Can I Store My Bike? 2016-05-23T14:58:04+00:00

There are bicycle storage racks situated internally between Block B and C. All bikes should be stored in this facility and not kept in other areas around Liberty Place.

Can I Keep a Pet(s)? 2016-05-23T14:57:13+00:00

It is important for the Directors of LPMC to be informed of any animals that you wish to live with you at Liberty Place. Consent is required prior moving an animal in and is not guaranteed. Each case is considered independently and if consent is granted, it will be subject to terms and conditions, if these are broken the animal will need to be removed from the property.

To obtain consent please write to IPM, briefly detailing the animal for which you seek consent and will respond to your request as soon as possible. Should you require further clarification, please download a copy of our ‘House Rules’ here.

Owners of pets are reminded that animals should not be allowed to cause a nuisance to other residents, are not allowed to roam freely round the development, and are not permitted to foul anywhere on the estate.

Waste Disposal 2017-05-18T20:20:16+00:00

General rubbish should be placed in bags which are tied prior to being placed in the bins. This will help to ensure the bin areas are kept tidy and will reduce the attraction of vermin.

There are facilities to recycle glass, plastic and paper and cardboard. Plastic and glass containers should be rinsed prior to being disposed of. Cardboard boxes should be broken down flat to maximise the bins capacity.

Refuse collections take place on a Tuesday and Friday morning of each week at around 7am.

No large bulky items of waste should be left in the bin stores. These will not be collected by the council and you should make your own arrangements to get rid if these items. For more information on how to dispose of these items including electrical appliances, mattresses and furniture please visit www.birmingham.gov.uk/large-items-collection

Anyone found to be disposing of waste incorrectly will face a minimum fine of £60.00.

Should you have find that your allocated bin store is not in an acceptable condition or you are unable to dispose of your waste, please contact the Concierge who will assist.